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Foldable & Portable 2-Step Lightweight Anti-Slip Stool for Kids

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Color: pink white

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1. Stable and scientific level of security, easy to move up and down
Help your baby develop good habits of independence
2. Stable and scientific level of security, easy to move up and down
Based on scientific data and thousands of calculations, the designer designed a height that even young babies can easily get up and down.
3. Help your baby grow every moment
Develop good habits of using the toilet and washing hands independently from an early age
4. Increase the pedal, pedal safely, and turn around without restraint
Baby’s safety: we always take it to heart
5. The multifunctional usage method is applicable everywhere
We always keep your baby’s safety in mind
6. Double anti-skid protection keeps everything stable and prevents tipping.
The stable triangular effect + four-corner anti-slip pad design prevents tipping and rollover, giving your baby full safety protection.
7. Portable and foldable to save storage space. The footstool can be folded as a whole and placed in the corner of your home.
8. Pick it up and go, easy to carry
Light weight and armrest design make it easy for your baby to lift it up and use it wherever they want.
9. Safety PP material has strong toughness and is not easy to break.
There is no hidden danger in close contact, and the baby can use it more safely

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