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Electric Nail Trimmer & Polisher Kit for Kids

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Color: Green 3 grind heads

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Product Details:

Silent Grinding Design: This electric baby nail trimmer is great for toddlers and babies who don’t like their nails being clipped. Quietly and comfortably trim your baby's nails during sleep without waking them up.

Safe and No Hurt: Gentle grinding pads that can safely round a baby's nails without damaging the cuticle or hurting the skin. because it uses gentle vibrations to safely trim a baby's nails of any uneven edges.

6 in 1 portable set: The different colored nail trimmer grinding heads are designed for different stages of baby's growth and various needs. 6 nail trimmer grinding heads suitable for all ages

Easy to Use and Portable: One-Button Operation You can operate the baby nail trimmer with one hand while holding the baby's hand with another. Simple function but can trim baby nails quickly and easily. The portable design allows you to carry it anywhere and use it whenever.

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